Unsecured Business Loans

Why Take A Business Loan?

There are many worthwhile reasons to take a business loan.

You may want to:

Lets Go!


So why take an unsecured business loan with Business Loans Now?

Expand your business

Buy equipment, stock or inventory

Fix a cash flow problem

Pay wages, tax or debts

Open a new premises

Do some marketing, promotion or advertising

Use the funds for any other worthwhile business purpose

Make Sure You Have The Working Capital You Need...

The reasons for taking out a business loan are many and varied and depend on the individual needs of your business.

Probably the most important reason is to make sure your business has the capital it needs to stay healthy.

According to a recent survey of more than 1000 Australian owners of SMEs, published by accounting software provider CCH and global information services group Wolters Kluwer, lack of access to capital was the key reason for small business failure.

The take away from this of course is that in order to ensure your business continues to grow you need to make sure you have adequate funding for it to do so.

By investing in your business at key stages you can maximise your growth potential.

When Opportunity Knocks Be Ready...

Your business may just need a key element in place in order to drive it's success.

It could be new equipment that allows you to gain more contracts, a move to a new or bigger premises, renovations to reinvigorate your business, funds to carry our your marketing and advertising plans or the purchase of key inventory.

Or your business may be presented with an opportunity that you just can't afford to miss.

And that's where we can help!

Why Business Loans Now?

At Business Loans Now can help you with an unsecured business loan from $5K to $250K and we believe in total transparency in our loan process.

The rate you are given on your loan includes all fees and charges and the total cost of your loan is disclosed up front.

There are no hidden or surprise costs to worry about, what you see is what you get.

One of the other great features of a BLN business loan is that you do don't have to have or use security to get your loan.

We do not require an asset, invoice or security such as property.

At BLN we provide funds when your business needs it and quickly.

Unlike the banks we don't make you jump through hoops to get your loan approved.

We offer a simple and straight forward application process with fast approval and fast settlement of your loan. You can have your funds within 24 - 48 hours.

We also offer flexible repayment terms to suit your business cash flow. Learn More


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